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where you can taste and buy the best of seafood and freshwater fish.

Quality and freshness of your fish is value we hold in the highest regard. We seek for new products and suppliers all the time with one purpose alone: to bring the fish for you as fresh as possible. At the moment lots of our fish make it to au shop as soon as 24 hours after being caught. Try our fantastic organic sea breams from Croatia, living lobsters from Canada, oysters from France, Tuna from Indonesia or Red Snapper from Maldives.

We offer the very best from both saltwater and freshwater fish. We partner with experienced suppliers from all around the world and get fresh fish every day of the week. Our chefs are ready to prepare anything you buy right in our shop for you, the way you like it. Our restaurant is open every day from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.



Salmon smoked packed 200g ..... 288 Kč
Salmon smoked sliced (100g) ..... 144 Kč
Salmon caviar Gorbusha Premium 100g ..... 410 Kč
Frog legs 100g ..... 122 Kč

Meals & Side dish

Salmon burger 150g ..... 225 Kč
Grilled octopus 200g ..... 450 Kč
Grilled potatoes ..... 65 Kč
Soup of the day ..... 149 Kč
French fries ..... 65 Kč
Sashimi plate 200g ..... 395 Kč
Grilled vegetables ..... 65 Kč
Rocket salad with tomatoes ..... 65 Kč
Baguette ..... 35 Kč
Mussels ala Mariniére 500g ..... 199 Kč
Grilled tentacle of squid 200g ..... 295 Kč
Fish n' chips 150g ..... 285 Kč

Fresh fish

John Dory fillet (Italy, France) ..... 130 Kč
Cod fish loins (Iceland, Netherlands) ..... 96 Kč
Grouper fillet with skin (Maldives) ..... 195 Kč
White Sturgeon fillet ..... 149 Kč
Red snapper fillet with skin (Maldives) ..... 195 Kč
Parrot fish fillet with skin (Maldives) ..... 195 Kč
Live Turbot (Netherlands) ..... 120 Kč
Monk fish without head (Norway, Netherlands) ..... 150 Kč
Sea bass (Croatia) ..... 69 Kč
Swordfish fillet (Sri Lanka) ..... 96 Kč
Sea Bream (Croatia) ..... 69 Kč
Grouper (Maldives) ..... 99 Kč
Scorpion fish (Morocco, Italy) ..... 149 Kč
Alfonsino (New Zeland) ..... 129 Kč
Yellowfin Tuna fillet sashimi grade (Sri Lanka) ..... 149 Kč
Trout gutted (Czech rep., Austria) ..... 38 Kč
Red snapper (Maldives) ..... 99 Kč
Victoria bar / Nile perch fillet (Tanzania) ..... 68 Kč
Seabass 1kg+, wild catch (France, Italy) ..... 139 Kč
Greenland halibut fillet (Norway) ..... 99 Kč
Dover sole (Netherlands, Iceland) ..... 129 Kč
Pikeperch fillet with skin (Czech.rep., Russia) ..... 109 Kč
Atlantic salmon fillet (LABEL ROUGE) Scotland ..... 99 Kč
Atlantic mackerell (Italy) ..... 39 Kč
Seabass fillet with skin, wild catch (France, Italy) ..... 195 Kč


Scarlet Shrimps (Carabinero) 8/13 (Italy) ..... 255 Kč
Live European Lobster (France) ..... 189 Kč
Live American lobster (Canada, USA) ..... 179 Kč
Shrimps tails raw 16/20 without head (India) ..... 94 Kč
Live Crayfish (Armenia) ..... 99 Kč
European crab (France) only for order ..... 69 Kč
Live King Crab (Norway) ..... 350 Kč
Spiny lobster tails (Cuba) ..... 363 Kč
Tiger shrimps raw 2-4pcs/kg (India) WILD!!! ..... 199 Kč
King Crab legs (Norway) ..... 275 Kč


Oysters Pink Diamond size N.2 (France) ..... 155 Kč
Common Octopus (Italy, Morocco) ..... 79 Kč
Razor clams (Netherlands) ..... 52 Kč
Oysters Yerseke size N.2 (Netherlands) ..... 82 Kč
Oysters UMAMI size N.2 (France) ..... 125 Kč
Oysters Belon size N.2 (France) ..... 120 Kč
Giant California squid (USA) ..... 68 Kč
Oysters David Hervé Roayle N.2 (France) ..... 145 Kč
Oysters La Perle Noire size N.2 (France) ..... 125 Kč
Tentacle of giant squid (USA) ..... 68 Kč
Blue Mussels (Denmark) ..... 25 Kč
Oysters Gillardeau speciále size N.2 (France) ..... 135 Kč
St. Jacobs scallops sashimi grade (USA) ..... 159 Kč
Vongole (Italy) ..... 52 Kč
Oysters Irish Supreme size N.2 (Ireland) ..... 119 Kč
Oysters Roayle Canada size N.4 (Canada) ..... 125 Kč
Oysters Geay Speciále N.2 (France) ..... 119 Kč
Oysters KYS Marine size N.2 (France) ..... 125 Kč
Oysters Poésie size N.2 (France) ..... 120 Kč


Salmon cocktail ..... 120 Kč
Crayfish tails with cream and brocolli ..... 89 Kč
Aioli shrimps ..... 120 Kč
King crab salad ..... 120 Kč
Anchovies Provecal ..... 65 Kč
Anchovies spicy ..... 65 Kč
Anchovies natural ..... 65 Kč
Octopus w. garlic and celery ..... 120 Kč
Mexico shrimps in oil ..... 120 Kč
Shrimps w. garlic and parsley ..... 89 Kč
Squid in tomato sauce ..... 89 Kč
Wakame (sea weed) ..... 65 Kč
Shrimps salad Paris ..... 120 Kč
Crayfish salad Maccao ..... 120 Kč
Herrings salad Göteborg ..... 52 Kč
Octopus salad Chuka Idako ..... 120 Kč
Shrimps with Curry & Maracuya ..... 120 Kč


Objednat si můžete z celé nabídky, kterou naleznete výše.



Wine tasting with seafood dinner

Ladies and gentlemen, we invite you to wine tasting with a delicious seafood dinner.

Great wines from around the world await you, including the famous Chardonnay. Part of the tasting is a welcome drink and 4 courses, to which the sommelier carefully selected the perfect wine. The whole menu can be found here.

Tasting takes place on February 4, 2020 in our Blue Fjord restaurant at Dlouhá 14 in Prague.

Available places are decreasing, do not hesitate to ask for a voucher on e-mail or call us on +420 730 870 086. Voucher for 2 guests costs 2 500 CZK.

We look forward to your visit!


Unique moonfish Opah at store

Today, we have got a very unique and delicious moonfish Opah. This beautiful 41 kg sea fish came to Prague from far, New Zeland. Dishes made of Opah are perfect culinary experience, so do not hesitate and come to sit to a dinner.

Curiosity: Opah is the first discovered worm-blooded fish, the discovery was made in 2015.


Even better store

Our store has grown at January. The address is still the same, as well as the Blue Fjord's concept. But we have larger offer for our customers and more places to sit. Our restaurant is bigger. Come to sit and taste a great seafood!



Jan Červeň
  • pepper
  • salt
  • scallops
  • olive oil
  • white wine
  • fish broth
  • butter
in fish shop for 139,- CZK per 100g

Chef Jan Červeň will show you, how to prepare a real delicacy in just over one minute.